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About Us

What is Infomatrix?

Infomatrix is a global initiative encompassing computer projects, robotics, and hackathon contests, designed to unite young enthusiasts with a keen interest in the IT field. This international competition was conceived with the aim of assembling the brightest IT students worldwide. It goes beyond the promotion of professional excellence, extending its purpose to fostering intercultural dialogue and collaboration by engaging students and educators from diverse corners of the globe.

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Our Mission & Vision

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Our mission is to empower and inspire the next generation of innovators by fostering creativity, collaboration, and technological excellence. We aim to provide a platform, through the 'Infomatrix' contest, where students can showcase their programming and digital skills, engage in hands-on experiences like hackathons and robotics, and develop projects that address real-world challenges. Our mission is to equip students with the tools and mindset needed for the future of technology and artificial intelligence.

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Our vision is to be a global catalyst for positive change through technology and innovation. We envision 'Infomatrix' as a nexus where students from diverse cultures converge to exchange ideas, learn from one another, and form lasting connections. By promoting peace and friendship through shared passion for IT, our vision is to create a community of forward-thinking individuals who embrace the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. We aspire to be a driving force in shaping a future where technology serves as a tool for progress, inclusivity, and sustainable development.

Three Pillars of Infomatrix

Project Contest

Ignite Your Creativity!

Are you ready to showcase your innovative spirit on a global stage? The Infomatrix Project Contest awaits your extraordinary creations in four exciting categories: Programming, Digital Art, Hardware Control, and Short Movie.

  • Form a team or go solo – the choice is yours!
  • Select a category that resonates with your passion.
  • Create a groundbreaking project.
  • Present your masterpiece to our esteemed jury.


Where Machines Speak!

Gear up for an electrifying experience in the Infomatrix Robotics Challenge! Whether you're into Line Follower Robots, Sumo Robots, or Maze Solving Robots, this is your chance to prove your robotic prowess on the global stage.

  • Choose your category – Line Follower, Sumo, or Task Performing Robot.
  • Assemble your dream team.
  • Build a robot that outshines the competition.
  • Compete in the international finals and showcase your robot's skills.


Code, Collaborate, Conquer!

Get ready to code your way to victory in the Infomatrix Hackathon! Bring your A-game, form a team of 3-4 coding wizards, and brace yourselves for a coding marathon.

  • Assemble a powerhouse team.
  • Attend the international finals.
  • Receive the hackathon topic.
  • Code, collaborate, and create a groundbreaking project in 24 hours.
  • Present your masterpiece to the jury.


[ Project Contest ]

Planning. Coding. Debugging. Programming. If you think you're up to the challenge and able to create a working program from top to bottom, you should definitely give it a try! Web-Based Programming, Apps, or Desktop Applications, and more are included in this category.

Computer Art
[ Project Contest ]

Computer arts (aka digital arts) is an artistic presentation process where you can include ilustrations, designs, and 2D or 3D animations. Works must be in digital format, not on the paper! If you are a digital Picasso we are waiting for you in the finals.

Hardware Control
[ Project Contest ]

Create a control software or connect it to an electronic/mechanic device. For instance, Arduino based projects, IoT projects or even Lego projects... Also, Robotics projects are welcome in this category, excluding line follower and sumo robots.

Short Movie
[ Project Contest ]

Create a video (short film, up to 7 minutes) in which you will convey your message in a story enhanced with visual and audial effects. Include English subtitles. You can create your project about any of 17 United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. Click here to learn more about UN SDGs.

Line Follower Robot
[ Robotics ]

The participant must design and program a robot capable of detecting and following a path traced by a black line, as quickly as possible. The maximum measurements of the robot are 25 X 30 cm, The use of turbines are not allowed.

Line Follower Robot for Juniors
[ Robotics ]

In line follower robot category the opponents might be tough. Junior students can create line follower robots using kits like EV3, NXT, Spike, 51515, mBot or JoinMax. Design and program a robot capable of detecting and following a path traced by a black line, as quickly as possible.

Maze Robot
[ Robotics ]

Build a robot which is designed to solve a maze, finding a path without any assistance or help. As a type of autonomous robot, it has to decode the path on its own to solve the maze with success. Any participant-built robot is accepted,the width of the path is at least 20 cm, through 15 cm tall white walls.

Mini Sumo Robot
[ Robotics ]

It’s a competition where custom-built two robots attempt to push each other out of an arena using sensors, clever programming, and innovative design. The arena for the contest is a 77 cm-diameter circle, and the time given for each round is 3 minutes.

Lego Sumo Robot
[ Robotics ]

It’s a competition where two robots built with only Lego robotics kit and materials, known as sumo-bots, attempt to push each other out of an arena using sensors, clever programming, and innovative design. The arena for the contest is a 77 cm-diameter circle, and the time given for each round is 3 minutes.

[ Hackathon ]

Assemble your team up to 4 people, come to the finals, receive a topic, and create the project related to the given topic. You will have 2 days to develop your project. Then, you will present it to the jury members. We have two sub categories: a) Pre-university level and b) University level.


1 January, 2025 (199 days left)

Registrations are open and you can start uploading your projects.

20 February, 2025 ( 249 days left)

Registration deadline. No more appliocations are accepted.

1 March, 2025 (258 days left)

Announcement of the finalists. You will receive invitation letters and you can start applying for visa.

World finals: 29 May - 2 Jun, 2025 (347 days left)

Come and compete in Infomatrix 2025 World Finals. Discover Romania.

May 29, 2025:  Arrival Day
May 30, 2025:  Contest Day 1
May 31, 2025:  Contest Day 2
June 1, 2025:  Award Ceremony & Departures
June 2, 2025:  City tour & Departures


I took part in Infomatrix in the past. Am I eligible to participate again?
You're welcome to participate multiple times as long as you meet the grade limit for your category.
Am I allowed to keep working on my project after I've registered it?
Certainly. You can keep working on your project and make changes up until the finals.
I took part with a project last year. Am I allowed to submit the same project again?
If you've made significant upgrades and major changes to your project, you can still participate with the same project.
I live in a country where there is already an Infomatrix partner / affiliate that organises a contest. Can I bypass that contest and register on your website?
Absolutely no. We have special agreements with our partners / affiliates and we will accept only verified projects from them. Any third party application from these countries will be rejected.
I have registered my project. However, due to some reasons, I will not be able to attend Infomatrix. Can somebody else take my place?
Another person can represent your project at Infomatrix, only if it is the same project used in the registration process. Ask your supervisor to make necessary changes before the registration date ends. If registration date has already ended, then you should contact us at info@infomatrix.ro thirty days prior to the World Final date
How many people can work on a single project?
You can involve as many people as you want. However, only a maximum of two of them can take part in Infomatrix to represent the project.
Can I participate with more than one project?
No, you can participate in only one category and with only one project.
My project was not qualified for finals. Can I get back registration fee?
The registration fee for your project is non-refundable, which means it cannot be reimbursed.
Do you offer accommodation and meals for participants?
Infomatrix does not handle participant accommodation. However, lunch will be provided during the finals.
What about copyright issues?
We never claim any copyright on your work throughout the entire competition. We may only use pictures and video to help us promote our event.
Do all participants get medal?
All participants in programming, hardware control, short movie, and computer art categories whose projects qualify for the finals will receive medals. However, only 50% of participants in robotics and hackathon categories will be awarded medals.
Do I need visa to come to Romania?
The need for a visa depends on your nationality. Please check with the Romanian embassy or consulate, or visit their official website to determine if you require a visa to enter Romania.
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