In [Programming, Computer Art, Hardware Control, Short Movie] categories, all participants will get medals. In other categories, at most 50% of participants will get medals. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

  • In each category, the project securing the first position will be awarded 500€. In hackathon category the prize is 1000€.
  • The second-place project will receive 400€. In hackathon category the prize is 750€.
  • The third-place project will be granted 300€. In hackathon category the prize is 500€.
  • Total amount of awards is 15300€.
  • The prizes are per project; not per student.

The distribution of medalists will be as follows:

Platinum medal

10% of medalists

Gold medal

20% of medalists

Silver medal

30% of medalists

Bronze medal

40% of medalists